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Interesting Read About Bob Harper's Heart Attack 

Evaluating Prescription Drugs to Treat Menopause

Click on the below link for information on comparing effectiveness, safety, and price of prescription drugs used to treat menopause. 

Evaluating Prescription Drugs to Treat Menopause



Eczema and Dry Skin

It's that time of the year when a large number of us suffer through skin irritation and cracking.  There are millions of medical visits annually for eczema and contact dermatitis.  It appears that diminished compounds call ceramides are responsible for much of the problem. Scratching sets off a whole cascade of of events leading to a loss of barrier integrity.

Prevention and Treatment

1)       1) Mild, non-soap cleansers such as Cerave, Cetaphil, and Equate.

2)       2) Effective moisturizer applied within three minutes of wetting skin; examples of ceramide containing moisturizers include: Cerave cream or lotion, Cetaphil Restoraderm, and Aveeno Eczema Therapy.


If your skin is still giving you problems and a little over the counter cortisone doesn’t help come in and see us. 

Emergency Room Visits and Hospitalizations

Many factors dictate why and to whom referrals are made in the Emergency Room and upon hospital discharge.  Essentially there are three seperate systems existing in Wake County (Duke, Rex, and Wake Med).  Most of us in urgent situations go to the convenient hospital, or if in an ambulance, we might be diverted to a hospital depending on how busy the Emergency Room is at our preferred hospital.  On discharge from the Emergency Room or hospital you will be referred to the specialists and sub-specialists of that particular health system.  We are working to find the best and most communicative specialists within your preferred insurance network. 

You are not obligated to continue to follow the referrals made at the hospital.  It is very important to make an appointment at our office within 48 hours of discharge to see you for follow up. We will work with you to ensure your referrals are in your best interest. 

The Patient Portal

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has many positive and negative attributes but, perhaps the greatest dream of the EMR was the ability of all patient's medical team to have access to current information. Unfortunately, due to HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and many other technical factors, this promise has not been fully realized. 

However, our patient portal allows the patient to access their medical record with up to date laboratory studies from anywhere in the world with internet access. We strongly advise all of our patients to register on the portal and access their own record in any complex medical situation leading to an emergency room visit or hospital admission. 

Dementia and Statins

Over the years there has been some anecdotal concerns about possible cognitive impairment from using statins ( Lipitor, Zocor, etc).  Recently, a study has been published which showed that the lipid soluble statins Lipitor (atorvastatin) and Zocor (simvastatin) actually decreased the incidence of dementia significantly. The lipid soluble statins are able to enter the brain, whereas the non-lipid soluble Crestor (rosuvastatin) and Pravachol (pravastatin) do not enter the brain and did not appear to decrease dementia.

Observational or retrospective studies cannot be accepted as proof of benefit but are highly suggestive of benefit.  With results like these, I think we can all rest assured that the statins are not causing cognitive harm. 

Using Smart Phone Apps to Improve Your Health

HEALOW is a great interactive app that is directly related to our patient portal! Healow contains all of your important health information, including labs, imaging studies, and procedures, recent vital signs, allergies, medical problems, immunizations, and more. Having access to this information puts YOU in control of your health. You are also able to keep a log of BMI, blood pressure readings, blood sugar level readings, link it to an activity tracker such as a Fitbit and it will automatically put this information into the Healow app.  By logging all of this in the Healow app your provider is able to download this information directly into your chart when you come in for a visit! For more information take a look at the previous blog post regarding the Healow app or take a look at  Get CVRiskAssist for your smart phone and calculate your 10 year risk for having a heart attack.  If it is 7.5% or higher you may wish to discuss starting treatment with a st ...

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Supplements and Snake Oil

  Millions of people are taking over the counter (OTC) supplements for a variety of reasons.  Some want more energy.  Others have read that mild depression can improve with St. John's Wort or that male plumbing problems may improve with Saw Palmetto.  Take Echinacea for colds others will proclaim.  Making and marketing supplements is a multi-billion dollar industry.  People love "natural" pills.  Surely no harm can come from something that is "naturally" occurring, right? The correct answer is a resounding MAYBE.  Here's why: 1.            Your supplement MAY contain the listed ingredients on the bottle in the stated dose.  One thing that can help ensure that you are taking what you think you are taking at the "correct" dose is to check the bottle for a stamp by USP (check their website for more info  Otherwise supplements ARE NOT BEING SCRUTINIZED.  2.    & ...

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Whole Foods Eating

As we usher in the New Year many of us are interested in making healthy changes in our lifestyles. As most people are aware we at Capital Family are strong proponents of healthy lifestyles. At this time I would like to summarize my concepts of whole foods eating.  Rather than give you a diet with eating a certain amount of this and that, I think it is important to agree on the concepts of good eating and have all of us apply the principles in a way that is practical for our lifestyles. First of all I would like to state that all humans share 99.9% common genes.  Over 100,000 years and humans have changed .1%.  It is quite reasonable to suggest that we are almost identical to people who populated the world 2000-3000 years ago.  There were no machines to refine food.  People were designed with their own food processors called teeth and most humans did hard physical work to obtain their food. Even though our technology, viruses, and insects evolve quickly and drastically we don’t. To ...

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Great Statin News!


Early statin use has been show to dramatically decrease the incidence of coronary artery disease in a landmark study.  It is great to see such unequivocal results.  The benefits of taking the meds for five years lasted for decades.  We have included the link here to this study. All statin users should take Coenzyme Q10 to eliminate muscle side effects.  


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